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Popular naked reality television shows have participants baring it all in the nude. [] Brianne: n u?? [] {{from Josefine}}: do you like big whales? [] Josefine: studing in iit delhi [] Brianne: what?? [] {{from Josefine}}: big whales do you like them? [] Brianne: i like [] Josefine: u cant understand english? [] Josefine: what? [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] SWJ i normally tell them that im a girl, and ive put pic if me at [insert shocksite here] works every time.[/quote] my conversation on normal omegle: Stranger: hi im M.. wanna see me on MSN or SKYPE? =D You: nah not rly Your conversational partner has disconnected. WIN!!Mangler: club.


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